Web agency: top services offered!

A digital communication agency offers a whole range of services concerning the creation, development and redesign of websites.

Creation of a WordPress website

A custom WordPress website creation, the agency takes care of all the details concerning the technical design of the site.

Redesign of e-commerce websites

Partnering with companies and web marketers, the web design agency optimises the visual identity of an e-boutique that lacks visibility.


Design of a communication plan

The success of a digital business is partly based on visual communication. An SEO agency knows all about communication.

Web and mobile development

Web and mobile development

Designing computer programs, mobile applications, web applications, web apps and native applications, web and mobile development is a limitless universe that requires a complete mastery of computer tools and web technologies. Programming language, technical execution, bug fixing and SEO are just some of the areas that a web agency specialises in. As an example of optimised implementation, immo-de-prestige.fr focuses on an advanced ergonomic design by mixing a colour palette, quality images and rich semantics. The site’s themes focus on the world of fashion, shopping, culture, leisure, decoration and practical life.

Design & graphic identity of your website

A brand’s reputation is always based on its visual identity. The implementation of a graphic charter is essential to standardize everything.

Web page design

Whether it’s a showcase site, a commercial site or a blog, web pages require in-depth work in terms of graphic design to stand out.

Application design

Native application or Web App, developing a mobile application requires special attention, especially regarding the design part.


Landing page design

Optimise the graphic design of your landing pages by focusing on a quality graphic design and a few differentiating elements.

Web hosting that fits your sites!

Hosting packages are flooding the web. Between VPS, dedicated, shared and cloud hosting, the choice is wide. Most of the packages offered by a web agency include domain registration for a pre-determined period of time, but can be extended, litigelocatif.fr benefits from custom hosting for the display of its web pages. With the support of an agency, the site also benefits from a thorough SEO optimization by using optimized fonts, icons and tags.

More traffic and conversion rates

The requirements of search engines are constantly evolving with the change in the web referencing criteria of their algorithms. Mobile applications and web pages need to follow the trend in order to achieve a higher level of visibility. Optimisation of graphic elements, creation of SEO optimised content, implementation of a new digital strategy, an emailing campaign and backlinks, are all processes to be considered in order to get more traffic and boost your conversion rate. By using a CMS and specific software, it becomes easier to follow the evolution of your traffic anywhere.

Creating links

Integrate internal and external links in your articles to increase your traffic.

Content writing

Writing content optimised for Google's referencing for better visibility.

Technical optimisation

Structuring your pages in HTML tag model with integration of links and source codes.

SEO analysis & audit

Regularly analyse your site and correct any defects at any time.

Digital marketing: concrete solutions

Generation, attraction and loyalty, digital marketing thinks about effective ways to attract more leads and to keep them in the long term. It calls for concrete solutions aimed at creating more direct interaction with visitors to its site. Whether it’s creating an email campaign, making appointments, optimising SEO, SEA or implementing a social media strategy, digital strategy encompasses a whole range of processes that are essential for business development. Its effectiveness depends above all on the tools and techniques used for all its digital communication.

E-commerce: experts at your service!

With the development of online trade and sales, web marketers see e-commerce as a new way to make more profit.

Boosting visibility

An optimised e-commerce site is more likely to be visible on Google than a non-optimised site according to the analysis reports of a web agency.

Generate more traffic

Traffic generation is at the heart of a successful online business. Sales channels are diversifying on social networks.

Increase sales

Increase sales

Increase your resources, improve your customer relations, the quality of your products and services to engage more sales and profits.